A Weekend Of Bliss

cash n jack collage
Cash and Jack think the same part of the property is scary when we were lunging.

Oh man this has been an amazing weekend. The boys have absolutely blown me away. On Saturday, due to having to go into work, I ran out of time to ride so I ended up just lunging the boys and HOLY COW! Jack can trot!

I have no idea where this trot came from. The Jack I know likes to do the pokey halter horse trot, dragging feet and everything but BAM there was a jaw dropping beautiful trot! So there is hope yet that he may think he likes english sports! And it wasn’t a one and done kind of thing he kept it up for the whole time I lunged him! Geesh maybe off time really was the best thing for him! He found his spit-fire! I was amazed by it and the even better thing was I haven’t really worked with him in over a month and he still listened! He did his transitions when asked and was calm minus a few bucks to start.

Cash was his normal crazy self haha. It proves that Jack is the brains of the family and Cash was the brawns because Cash ran for most of the time hahaha.

Today is where they really got it going though. We went for an awesome trail ride! The ladies who live around me and one of their husbands invited me to go riding with them. Now I decided to tempt fate and took both boys out! Poor Jack had some swelling in his right hind fetlock( I think Cash kicked him but I could be wrong) but he wasn’t really off on it and I figured that the movement would be good to get the fluids going.  So I grabbed my western saddle (I’m not completely suicidal now) and headed out with the boys.

The single most terrifying thing on the whole ride…. A tiny little ditch with water in it! Oh yes this little ditch (perfect for a cross-country course) must have seemed like it was full of water dragons because both boys were firmly against going over and in fact did their best mule impressions while I was trying to persuade them from the other side. Regardless that little two-legged me could easily hop over it. But still that water dragon was present so it was a huge no-go.

I finally had to bust out my secret weapon! What is that you may ask?? Why treats of course!! It’s amazing how something as little as a treat can motivate a 1200 pound animal to do something but oh it did! Cash went first with a GIGANTIC leap over it! He was determined to ensure those dragons couldn’t grab his hooves and drag him down to his doom even though I highly doubt he could have fit into the creek with his whole body even if he tried.

Jack still wasn’t convinced that the Dragons couldn’t get him and it took a lot of begging to get him over. I swear he knew exactly what I was saying because I could literally see him pondering it and puffing up at my praise. I seriously think they just play dumb sometimes to get treats. With one last final step he launched himself over and came to a surprisingly graceful stop right in front of me demanding his treat for somewhat calmly waiting for his nephew. (The video of the ditch is down below!)

But boy did they make me proud. They may have done flying leaps but they did go over it! And let me get back on without running off with me:D  Now they were quite a handful on the road to start. Both wanted to be in front and going faster than a walk and once we met the other riders it became a tad bit of a war between the two of who could talk the other into going faster.I did more than a little bit of cussing at the boys. They were seriously trying my patience!

It wasn’t for a good fifteen or twenty minuets before I let them get in front of the group that I realized that’s where they wanted to be. apparently the other horses were walking to slowly….and ya know what? After that Cash even kept Jack in line from running in front of him. huh funny how Cash uses Jack when he wants something and Jack plays all innocent young horse….I feel mischievous plans being plotted between those two.

After a while though Jack started getting stiff on his leg again so I figured we had done enough and decided to cut our ride short. I’m sure the boys probably would have been fine but I’d rather be safe then sorry when it comes to them.  They are what keeps me calm and from injuring the mass amounts of idiots I have to deal with on a fairly daily basis. My work schedule is ramping up lately so I’m really taking every moment I can to just hang out with my boys!

They really proved their worth today and I couldn’t be prouder of those two. I don’t care if I ever make it to an advanced 3 day event or not they make every day worth it! (though I do hope we at least get to novice :D)  I just had to have a little faith and a lot of courage  with those two and they gave it back ten fold!

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