4 tips for keeping horses at home

Yes I'm in my PJ's!
Yes I’m in my PJ’s!

I love having horses at home. It’s amazing to sit and see the noble beasties grazing or playing in their pens and pastures BUT there are 4 little things I learned about having horses at home when there is just little ol’ me to do all the work.

1.) Clean stalls daily. Yes do it! Do not slack off! You’d be amazed at the amount of manure a horse can produce in one day and if you let it go over two days or (heaven forbid) three days…get ready to make some trips back and fourth to the manure pile especially if you own two or more horses. You’ll be cursing yourself the entire time for ignoring this little chore. If you are living in a place that rains a lot ….have you ever tried to push/pull/drag (plus some begging and pleading and more cursing)  a wheel barrow through the mud fully loaded?!

2.) Get your chores done first. It’s so easy to get started having fun with the beasties before you do any of your chores and in the blink of an eye you’re suddenly racing the sun to get all the necessary chores done before you’re forced to do them in the dark.  Rushing around is a great way to forget something (like leave a gate open) or miss something that isn’t normally there so do them first so you do them right. It might just save your horses life.

3.) There is ALWAYS something else to fix. I swear every time I finish one project I look around and notice three others that I should be doing. When you have horses at home it never, ever ends. Fence breaks, muddy areas need fixing, the horses kicked a hole in the barn…As my dad says You’ll be on your death bed and say “but I had 2 more things left to do”.  Get ready to always have an empty pocket book but at least you will have a happy and content heart 😀

4.) Just relax with your horses. Riding isn’t everything. The longer I have my horses at home the more I have realized that I don’t always have to ride them to feel content. There is something about building a bond with them by just hanging out with them that means even more then the bond I have when I ride them. There’s nothing like sitting and listening to a horse munch his hay or nibble his grain. When you go in to clean their stalls and they try to “help” you by begging for treats or playing with your manure rake.  Or the lovable nuzzles you get when they are coming over to say hi just because you walked up. Its a whole new level of bonding I think everyone should have!


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