Best New Grooming Tool: Hands On Gloves

It isn’t very often that I come a crossed a new type of grooming tool  that I like. Most ideas have been tried and done before with just a slightly different shape or material. Well, I just found my newest most favorite grooming tool ever. Cash AND Jack both enthusiastically agree. They are called Hands On Gloves and they are AMAZING! (I do have a video using them on Cash’s muddy butt, but for some reason my phone and computer refuse to talk to each other. One of these days I’ll invest in an iPhone so all my electronics will all talk to each other!)
hands on gloves
You put on these gloves and they have all the grippies of normal plastic groomers but they are on your fingers and palms. I can groom the boys in the most odd of places that I can’t reach normally with a brush or a good scrubber. (Like cash’s favorite of right between the chest muscles or the crease of the leg and chest)  I can carefully get around the boys eyes, ears and all around those weird places on the face and the boys just LOVE IT!  I haven’t seen my horses give me the “oh oh right there….oh please don’t stop scratching” looks so much before. The fact that they are shedding right now probably really helps them love these gloves. And I have drenched them in water and used them just to see. They still work great they just don’t wipe off the hair as easily as dry but they are very good. I’m not sure how long they will last with enthusiastic brushing but if it lasts the shedding season i’ll be happy. I’m really pleased with how much of the dead skin and dirt it pulls up as well. The boys will be gleaming in no time!

*Note* These gloves are a tad expensive at $25 a pop BUT you horses will seriously say thank you! Both Cash and Jack love them and they have two very different tastes for what and how I groom them!

My work schedule has been ridiculous lately and I won’t lie, my time with my horses has suffered because it. (hence my very few posts these last few weeks) and I love just going out to hang with the boys and give them some brushings to get my horse hair therapy going.  These gloves have really helped it for sure! 😀

I think time on the ground just hanging out with the horses is also just as important as riding the horses. I’ve found that when I do work in hand, or I just relax and hang out drinking a cup of tea (or wine) and sit near them while they are grazing really has drastically improved my relationship with my horses. I think in a way it builds their trust with me, and of course great grooming sessions always help, especially when you reach those really, really hard to reach places for them!  Any who I just wanted to jump in and say a quick hello before having to head off to find me some dinner and a really really hot shower before getting ready for my day tomorrow.

Good news! The sun has been shining and I think possibly that summer is almost here! That means a lot more work with the boys since it’s staying lighter much longer! So as long as work doesn’t put me on the crazy schedule I’ve been on the last few weeks I’ll be back to blogging again like crazy!

Until next time!


**This is not a sponsored post. I just seriously love these gloves and had to share! Click on the link above or check them out here at**


Daylight Savings And A Message For The Working Equestrians!


Oh glorious daylight savings time! A bitter-sweet wake up this morning! I’ve had to down an extra cup or two of coffee thanks to the cut to my morning sleeping routine but I’m so excited to finally have enough time to ride AND get some of the chores done around the house after work!

Now here in the glorious pacific northwest it’s a bit of a catch 22. I mean really what is an extra hour right now when soon it’ll be getting dark at 1030 pm and light at 430 am (not even joking here!) but theres just something exciting about the time change. It means spring is here. My fruit trees are blooming, the grass is growing and I have flowers popping up everywhere around my place! Theres just something invigorating about spring isn’t there?

Alright my working equestrians! You know who you are! Your those normal people who have to work to support their love of horses! This next part is for you!

So I kinda had a break down Saturday morning. I have this really bad habit of over stressing myself and spreading myself way to thin with all the awesome things I want to do onto of my work schedule. Then I end up kinda spinning in circles not really knowing which project to tackle and somehow feeling guilty about not getting out to see my friends, and horses, and about 10 other things I feel I SHOULD be doing.

As many of you know I really want to get the boys going in eventing. A lot of my friends are already going for the season. They are out riding, showing and getting their horses in peak form already. Where are my horses? Muddy, chilling in the pasture as I slowly get it fenced piece by piece, and lucky to get ridden 2 to 3 days a week.

I fell into a trap of comparing myself and my horses to a lot of my friends and people I just follow in the horse world. The biggest difference between my friends and I is my work schedule.

As many of you know I’m a k9 handler. What I never put out is I’m a K9 handler in the US Navy. Well Uncle Sam really doesn’t care what my after work plans are, or what weekend jaunts I’m excited about doing. Do I have a set work schedule? Yup I do, but that doesn’t include a lot of stuff we HAVE to do to appease the CO. That doesn’t reflect if anyones gone for being sick, on deployment, leave or a heap of other tasks that we have to complete, and now we have to pick up their slack too. I don’t even want to mention being on call 24/7 when its my turn to be on duty. I’m not complaining here (ok maybe a little) I LOVE my job. There’s nothing else like it in the world BUT when it comes to riding my horses it puts a serious kink in it 9 times out of 10.

Most if not all of my horse friends are lucky enough to have a standard, wonderful job that sticks to its 8 hour work day or the even luckier ones are retired and have time to devote to their horses or their equine businesses!

I felt like I was behind the curve with my horses. That they weren’t where they should be and that I could be doing a whole lot more with them. That I was somehow being lazy and just not taking the time to work with them…. Well, that may be partially true but not completely. I took a deep breath and just had to go outside and just watch my boys graze and contemplate some things.

While they were happily munching I realized that my horses don’t have an agenda. They love to be worked and given attention. They happily meet me at the gate (ok it might be for the treats they know I have in my pocket.) They are the happiest when I re-arrange the temporary electric fence so they can graze. My horses only agenda is to eat, get loved on and beg for more treats.

I am the one with the agenda. I am the one stressing over how much I haven’t done with my horses. I am the one who feels like somehow I’ve failed my horses and myself. Do I want to compete my horses? Sure! Do I want to see them easily doing a novice dressage test and jumping 3 foot jumps with ease…hell yeah…. But what happens if I don’t get there? What happens if I don’t feel ready to go back on that cross country course? Absolutely nothing. The world doesn’t end. I don’t get labeled a pariah, and outcast from the horse community. I simply continue on. No judgment from my friends and family. Life just continues.

The biggest things we have to remind ourselves  is:
A.) My horses are happy whether they’re grazing in the pasture or being ridden.
B. ) I sometimes don’t have the time or the energy to work them. Do you think it would be a good idea to jump on a horse after just working a 16 hour shift where all hell broke loose? hummmm nope. 

I need to take each day one step at a time and just focus on being happy with my horses. Just enjoying the moments I do get to spend with them.

I’m posting this mostly as a reminder to myself to not feel like the world is ending when I don’t get to work my horses much  but also to a reminder to the working equestrians out there who feel they to may be behind the curve:

Don’t worry about it! Don’t feel like you’re being left behind. Are you having fun doing what you’re doing? Are your horses happy, healthy and eagerly meet you when you go see them? Then who cares how much you progress or compete? The only one who cares is you! Your horses are just as happy either way 😀

Until Next time!


Have you heard of the Horsemaster program?

Pony club
Upon arriving in Washington I was meeting the people in the horse world here and I found something I’ve never heard of before. Of course there was a local group of pony clubbers, like there is about everywhere, but someone asked me “Have you heard about the Horsemasters program?”

Well I must admit other then calling myself a master of horses (in a very sarcastic manner usually after I’ve fallen off my horse) I had never known of a group called that. Well let me tell you it is the COOLIST program I’ve found so far. It’s literally Pony Club for ADULTS!!!

I got super lucky since I bought my new house there is a covered arena near me and it was here I learned of a new Horsemasters program starting up right next door. The Sunset Valley PC-Horsemasters in Oak Harbor, WA, A newly  established group of kick ass ladies ready to tackle any challenge and have a blast doing it!

What is  Pony Club and Horsemasters?

Pony club is a very good structured program to get kids up to age 25 into the eventing community (and you can specialize in the higher levels if you choose to stray away from traditional eventing) and it gives really good knowledge on so many topics from basic grooming to stable management, and so much more. It was started in 1954 after the British Pony Club to teach horsemanship and all aspects of care for the horse. It has since gained recognition world wide  and there are many programs in many countries to date.

Horsemasters allows adults to do the same curriculum as Pony Clubbers and get the same level certifications( D-A) as a normal pony clubber but as an adult. Sometimes Pony Club will have an adult program running in tandem with their club or like mine it’s completely adults no children around.  I must admit I’m glad I’m starting this journey now because I think adults get a lot more out of the program then most children.

Now why would adults get more out of Pony Club in the Horsemasters program?

Well while I was horse crazy growing up I had this little stubborn “I know it all” streak in me. And there were many a time I just tuned out what instructors were saying or just rolled my eyes and gave an attitude. While some kids are completely devoted the majority are not so as an adult we have CHOSEN to do this. We will be paying attention as much as possible because we are taking our own time and money to do it.

This isn’t someones mom living vicariously through their kid, or using it as a weird sort of baby sitting program so they can go drink and gossip with the local horse ladies. No. This is a group of adults who are beginning and/or continuing their education and are truly devoted to it. They are people 18 years old and above who are out there to have fun, increase their skills and are some of the most encouraging people I’ve met to date. Not to mention Horsemasters is a great way to network with other riders and horse people in the area. If you’re new to an area it’s a virtual gold mine of information about local shows, places to ride, events going on and some good old friendship! I’ve learned more about the goings on of the horse community here in Washington in the last month then I have the whole time I’ve been here!

Tomorrow is a clinic that explains the certification process and I’m super excited to go. Hopefully I can try and quickly get through my D ratings and jump right into C this summer!   There will most assuredly be some writing and videoing about this weekend so have no fear of being left out and I’ll post it as soon as I can (there will also be a link added below for you to!) I’m about to gain some knowledge not only on the inner workings of Pony Club but hopefully some more friends as well!

If you would like to find out more about Pony Club/Horsemasters and see if there is any in your area check out their official page at


Until next time!